If you are new to this meeting, we ask that you read carefully the directions listed below. These types of Big Book meetings are highly structured. We are trying to apply the 12 steps as they are written in the Big Book and practice the recovery process in our daily affairs.

Since 1980, a new type of recovery movement sprung up from Hyannis and helped those seeking sobriety discover a process for maintaining recovery through the practice and study of the steps as they are laid out in the Big Book. Our group is following the guides of Big Book Step Study and asks that you be humble enough to listen. In order to speak at this meeting you must have completed the steps as they are laid out in the Big Book under the guidance of a Higher Power and a Big Book Step Study Sponsor from this type of meeting. If you have done all of this, please share your experience with us.

Our speakers have completed a thorough 4th and 5th step with the help of a Big Book step study sponsor and most importantly a Higher Power and are in the process of making amends and practicing Steps Ten, Eleven and Twelve on a daily basis.

If you are interested in joining our group or want more information, please listen to the speakers or talk to group members after the meeting.

The following is what is necessary to complete the Big Book Step Study Process:

  • Get a sponsor who has completed the Big Book process.
  • Read “Doctor’s Opinion” and the first 63 pages.
  • Highlight important points in the reading.
  • Look up unfamiliar words.
  • Go over all the readings carefully with your sponsor.
    (This covers the first three steps.)
  • Do a formal Third Step with your sponsor.
    (This means accepting the concepts of the first three steps, getting on your knees, holding your Sponsor’s hands and reciting the Third Step Prayer. This is a commitment to do the rest of the steps and help others do the same.)
  • Get some five-subject notebooks and begin writing a Big Book Fourth Step.
  • Set up a regular writing schedule and recite the Third Step Prayer before each session and thank God at the end of each session. Have your sponsor check your progress weekly.

Your Sponsor will instruct you on the following:

  • List all past and present resentments of people, institutions and principles
  • Put in Causes and Effects
  • Complete your part (turnarounds). Begin reading pages 84-88 daily.
  • List all your fears.
  • Put in fear origins, causes and solutions.
  • List sex inventory.
  • Answer sex conduct questions.
  • Write out sex ideals (optional).

Set up times with your Step Study Sponsor to read your Fourth Step in your Fifth Step sessions. When completed, spend one uninterrupted hour alone with God going over the questions in Step Five and the first Five Proposals (Steps).

Welcome to All Addictions Anonymous!

If you answered the Fifth Step questions satisfactorily and you haven’t left anything out of your reading, read step Six and do the Seventh Step Prayer.

Go back through your Fourth Step notebooks and check off names on resentments, fears, and sex conduct where you harmed someone or something and need to make amends and then make your Step Eight list.

Go over each amend with your sponsor and begin making your Ninth Step amends regularly. When you have done at least two quality amends, you are eligible to speak from the podium and share from the floor.

Read and practice Step Ten daily (pp. 84-85) watching for fear, dishonesty, resentment and selfishness during the day and making amends when necessary.

Read and practice Step Eleven daily (pp. 85-88) setting aside time for prayers, spiritual readings, and meditation to keep conscious contact with God and carry out his will for us. A constructive review of our day should be done each morning or night.

Practice Step Twelve daily. Pass on the message of the Big Book Steps to others and practice the principles (new codes of behavior) you have learned in the Steps in all of your daily affairs.

If you have done all of this, please share your experience with us.