Chairperson: Your instructions are in italics; read all other material out loud.

Hand out a “Vision for You" and "The 12 Steps" to a visitor to read.

1. Good morning everybody. Welcome to the Saturday morning meeting of All-Addictions Big Book Step Study Group. This meeting will end at 10:45 and at 10:35 all that haven’t shared will be asked to identify. Let's open the meeting with a moment of silence, followed by the Serenity Prayer.

2. My name is_____ and I am an___________. Please silence all electronic devices. There is no smoking on Haven Property, please smoke at the sidewalk.

The Preamble

"Sobriety – freedom from our addiction – through the teaching and practice of the twelve steps is the sole purpose of this group." (Adapted from “As Bill Sees It” page 79.)

The purpose of this meeting is to help addicts achieve recovery by the studying, discussing, and practicing of the twelve steps as they are laid out in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

We share our experience strength and hope with each other that we may solve our common problem and help others recover.

The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using substances and engaging in addictive behaviors; all members of any 12 Step program are welcome.

We are self-supporting through our own contributions and are not affiliated with any other 12 step program or group. We are not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; do not wish to engage in any controversy, neither endorse nor oppose any causes. Our primary purpose is to recover and help others achieve recovery.

It has been our hard-learned experience that other methods did not work with us. Some of us have tried other ways and the results were disastrous until we looked at the basic and simple approach that the Big Book offers.

It has become apparent to us that when we stopped blaming people, places, and things for our problems; decided to take an honest and fearless look at ourselves as the root cause of our addiction, and applied these twelve steps to our lives, that we got better.

3. May we please have the reading of the 12 steps?

4. (Refer to the chart "Readings on the Twelve Steps.") This morning we are on step ____. The reading for this step is on page(s) __________ of the Big Book. We will go around the room reading the step a paragraph at a time.

5. (When the reading is finished)  Our speaker, ________, will share on the step. After the speaker has finished, we will go around the room and those who are qualified to speak may share. At 10:35 we will ask those that are left to identify.

6. If you need a book, take one from the middle of the table. If you are new to recovery and don't have a Big Book, feel free to take one with you. We will start reading with the person to my right.(or to the right of the speaker)

7. (When reading is finished)  As chairperson I have asked ___________ to speak on this step for approximately 20 minutes.

8. (When speaker is finished speaking)  If you are new to this meeting please listen carefully. This type of meeting is highly structured. In order to speak at this meeting you must have completed a Fourth Step as it is laid out in the Big Book with the help of a Big Book Step Study sponsor and currently be practicing steps 9, 10, 11, and 12. If you haven't done the steps this way or are not sure, please pass and check with the chairperson after the meeting.

9. If you have done these steps as they are laid out in the Big Book, please share your experience with us. If you haven't, we ask that you be open minded enough to listen. If you have a question pertaining to this step, please feel free to ask someone after the meeting. Group conscience has voted a 5 minute limit on individual comments.

10. Start members sharing their experience on this step beginning where the reading left off. At 10:35 Let all who haven't shared introduce themselves.

11. Collection, pass the basket.

12. Ask “Are there are any Announcements?”.

13. I want to thank everyone for respecting the format.

14. Would those who have completed the process as it is laid out in the Big Book with the help of a Big Book Step Study sponsor and who are willing to sponsor others through the Twelve Steps please raise your hands.

15. I have asked _________ to read the closing from the chapter “A Vision for You”.

16. For those who wish, please join me in closing with The Serenity Prayer.